This is a compilation of all the public washrooms available in Toronto. This list includes washrooms in libraries, community centres, and stand-alone washrooms. It only includes washrooms that have been checked as being public. We can't guarantee that no one will ever be denied access at one of these locations, but as far as we know, these washrooms are open to all.
The City of Toronto doesn't have a publicly-available list of public washrooms.
They do have a list of community centres, but those don't have building opening hours listed.
They also have a list of libraries (which do have hours listed).
They also have information on washrooms in parks and outdoor ice rinks.

To make this master list, I:
Included the opening hours information from the libraries after a call to the Toronto Public Library central office, who said that all public libraries have public washrooms.
Included the information published by the City of Toronto on opening hours of public washrooms in parks.
Called 127 community centres to ask what their opening hours are, and if their washrooms are public.
Some did not answer the phone. For these, I tried my best to compile the opening hours from the listed activities on their website.This number will slowly become smaller as I am able to contact these centres and confirm building opening hours.
Although I tried my best to get the most reliable information possible, there may be errors or omissions.
Then, I sorted the information into 2 seasonal maps, and two seasonal lists, which will be updated when the City releases programming information at the end of September for the Fall/Winter schedule.

I omitted:
centres and health clubs that are only swimming pools, only tennis clubs, or otherwise serve a very specific athletic mandate.
I omitted centres attached to schools, because of the increased security and difficulty in accessing the washrooms in those locations.

Although I tried my best to get the most reliable information possible, there may be errors or omissions.
If you have any comments about the site, or if there is an error in the site, please drop me a line under the contact tab. Please also contact me if you are a private business or building and would like to be listed as a public washroom.

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